Web user agents range from Web browsers to search engine crawlers (spiders), as well as mobile phones, screen readers and braille browsers used by people with disabilities. When a user agent operates, it typically identifies itself, its application type, operating system, software vendor, or software revision, by submitting a characteristic identification string to its operating peer. In the HTTP and SIP protocols, this is transmitted in a header field User-Agent. Bots, such as Web crawlers, often also include a URL and/or e-mail address so that the Webmaster can contact the operator of the bot.

Your Browser User Agent String

CCBot/2.0 (

Analyze your User Agent
You may check the features about mobile device based on device user agent:
Your User Agent features:

Nokia6275/2.0 (BL290V0100.nep) UP.Browser/ OPENWAVE, Nokia6275/2.0 (BL290V0100.nep) UP.Browser/ UNTRUSTED/1.0

Product Info Features:
  Mobile Browser: Nokia
  Nokia Feature Pack: 0
  Device Os: 
  Nokia Series: 40
  Has Qwerty Keyboard: 
  Pointing Method: 
  Mobile Browser Version: 
  Is Tablet: 
  Nokia Edition: 3
  Can Skip Aligned Link Row: 1
  Device Claims Web Support: 
  Ununiqueness Handler: 
  Model Name: 6275
  Device Os Version: 
  Is Wireless Device: 1
  Brand Name: Nokia
  Model Extra Info: 
  Marketing Name: 
  Can Assign Phone Number: 1
  Release Date: 2005_january
  Unique: 1
Wml Ui Features:
  Icons On Menu Items Support: 1
  Opwv Wml Extensions Support: 
  Built In Back Button Support: 
  Proportional Font: 1
  Insert Br Element After Widget Recommended: 
  Wizards Recommended: 
  Wml Can Display Images And Text On Same Line: 
  Softkey Support: 1
  Wml Make Phone Call String: wtai://wp/mc;
  Deck Prefetch Support: 
  Menu With Select Element Recommended: 
  Numbered Menus: 
  Card Title Support: 1
  Image As Link Support: 1
  Wrap Mode Support: 1
  Table Support: 1
  Access Key Support: 
  Wml Displays Image In Center: 
  Elective Forms Recommended: 1
  Times Square Mode Support: 
  Break List Of Links With Br Element Recommended: 
  Menu With List Of Links Recommended: 1
Chtml Ui Features:
  Imode Region: none
  Chtml Can Display Images And Text On Same Line: 
  Chtml Displays Image In Center: 
  Chtml Make Phone Call String: tel:
  Chtml Table Support: 
  Chtml Display Accesskey: 
Xhtml Ui Features:
  Xhtml Preferred Charset: utf8
  Xhtml Supports Css Cell Table Coloring: 1
  Xhtml Select As Radiobutton: 
  Xhtml Autoexpand Select: 
  Xhtml Avoid Accesskeys: 
  Accept Third Party Cookie: 1
  Xhtml Make Phone Call String: wtai://wp/mc;
  Xhtml Allows Disabled Form Elements: 
  Xhtml Supports Invisible Text: 
  Xhtml Select As Dropdown: 
  Cookie Support: 1
  Xhtml Send Mms String: none
  Xhtml Table Support: 1
  Xhtml Display Accesskey: 1
  Xhtml Can Embed Video: none
  Xhtml Supports Iframe: full
  Xhtmlmp Preferred Mime Type: application/xhtml+xml
  Xhtml Supports Monospace Font: 
  Xhtml Supports Inline Input: 
  Xhtml Supports Forms In Table: 
  Xhtml Document Title Support: 1
  Xhtml Support Wml2 Namespace: 
  Xhtml Readable Background Color1: #D9EFFF
  Xhtml Format As Attribute: 
  Xhtml Supports Table For Layout: 1
  Xhtml Readable Background Color2: #FFFFFF
  Xhtml Select As Popup: 
  Xhtml Send Sms String: none
  Xhtml Format As Css Property: 1
  Xhtml File Upload: supported
  Xhtml Honors Bgcolor: 
  Opwv Xhtml Extensions Support: 
  Xhtml Marquee As Css Property: 
  Xhtml Nowrap Mode: 
Ajax Features:
  Ajax Preferred Geoloc Api: none
  Ajax Xhr Type: none
  Ajax Support Getelementbyid: 
  Ajax Support Event Listener: 
  Ajax Manipulate Dom: 
  Ajax Support Javascript: 
  Ajax Support Inner Html: 
  Ajax Manipulate Css: 
  Ajax Support Events: 
Markup Features:
  Html Web 3 2: 
  Html Wi Imode Htmlx 1: 
  Html Wi Imode Html 1: 
  Html Wi Oma Xhtmlmp 1 0: 1
  Html Wi Imode Html 2: 
  Html Wi W3 Xhtmlbasic: 1
  Html Wi Imode Compact Generic: 
  Html Wi Imode Html 3: 
  Wml 1 1: 1
  Html Wi Imode Html 4: 
  Wml 1 2: 1
  Html Wi Imode Html 5: 
  Wml 1 3: 1
  Preferred Markup: html_wi_oma_xhtmlmp_1_0
  Xhtml Support Level: 3
  Html Wi Imode Htmlx 1 1: 
  Multipart Support: 1
  Html Web 4 0: 
Cache Features:
  Time To Live Support: 
  Total Cache Disable Support: 
Display Features:
  Physical Screen Height: 27
  Columns: 15
  Dual Orientation: 
  Physical Screen Width: 27
  Rows: 16
  Max Image Width: 217
  Resolution Height: 320
  Resolution Width: 240
  Max Image Height: 211
Image Format Features:
  Jpg: 1
  Gif: 1
  Transparent Png Index: 
  Epoc Bmp: 
  Wbmp: 1
  Gif Animated: 1
  Colors: 262144
  Svgt 1 1 Plus: 
  Svgt 1 1: 
  Transparent Png Alpha: 
  Png: 1
Bugs Features:
  Empty Option Value Support: 1
  Basic Authentication Support: 1
  Post Method Support: 1
Wta Features:
  Nokia Voice Call: 1
  Wta Pdc: 
  Wta Voice Call: 
  Wta Misc: 
  Wta Phonebook: 1
Security Features:
  Phone Id Provided: 
  Https Support: 1
Bearer Features:
  Has Cellular Radio: 1
  Max Data Rate: 9
Storage Features:
  Max Length Of Username: 32
  Max Url Length Bookmark: 255
  Max No Of Bookmarks: 25
  Max Deck Size: 50000
  Max Url Length Cached Page: 128
  Max Length Of Password: 20
  Max No Of Connection Settings: 5
  Max Url Length In Requests: 255
  Max Object Size: 0
  Max Url Length Homepage: 100
Object Download Features:
  Video: 1
  Picture Bmp: 
  Wallpaper Df Size Limit: 0
  Picture Preferred Width: 126
  Wallpaper Oma Size Limit: 0
  Picture Greyscale: 
  Inline Support: 1
  Ringtone Qcelp: 
  Screensaver Oma Size Limit: 0
  Screensaver Wbmp: 1
  Picture Resize: none
  Picture Preferred Height: 94
  Ringtone Rmf: 
  Wallpaper Wbmp: 1
  Wallpaper Jpg: 1
  Screensaver Bmp: 
  Screensaver Max Width: 240
  Picture Inline Size Limit: 0
  Picture Colors: 12
  Ringtone Midi Polyphonic: 1
  Ringtone Midi Monophonic: 1
  Screensaver Preferred Height: 320
  Ringtone Voices: 64
  Ringtone 3gpp: 
  Oma Support: 1
  Ringtone Inline Size Limit: 0
  Wallpaper Preferred Width: 240
  Wallpaper Greyscale: 
  Screensaver Preferred Width: 240
  Wallpaper Preferred Height: 320
  Picture Max Width: 126
  Picture Jpg: 1
  Ringtone Aac: 1
  Ringtone Oma Size Limit: 0
  Wallpaper Directdownload Size Limit: 0
  Screensaver Inline Size Limit: 0
  Ringtone Xmf: 
  Picture Max Height: 94
  Screensaver Max Height: 320
  Ringtone Mp3: 1
  Wallpaper Png: 1
  Screensaver Jpg: 1
  Ringtone Directdownload Size Limit: 0
  Wallpaper Max Width: 240
  Wallpaper Max Height: 320
  Screensaver: 1
  Ringtone Wav: 1
  Wallpaper Gif: 1
  Screensaver Directdownload Size Limit: 0
  Picture Df Size Limit: 0
  Wallpaper Tiff: 
  Screensaver Df Size Limit: 0
  Ringtone Awb: 1
  Ringtone: 1
  Wallpaper Inline Size Limit: 0
  Picture Directdownload Size Limit: 4194304
  Picture Png: 1
  Wallpaper Bmp: 
  Picture Wbmp: 1
  Ringtone Df Size Limit: 0
  Picture Oma Size Limit: 0
  Picture Gif: 1
  Screensaver Png: 1
  Wallpaper Resize: none
  Screensaver Greyscale: 
  Ringtone Mmf: 
  Ringtone Amr: 1
  Wallpaper: 1
  Ringtone Digiplug: 
  Ringtone Spmidi: 1
  Ringtone Compactmidi: 
  Ringtone Imelody: 
  Screensaver Resize: none
  Wallpaper Colors: 12
  Directdownload Support: 1
  Downloadfun Support: 
  Screensaver Colors: 12
  Screensaver Gif: 1
Drm Features:
  Oma V 1 0 Combined Delivery: 1
  Oma V 1 0 Separate Delivery: 1
  Oma V 1 0 Forwardlock: 1
Streaming Features:
  Streaming Vcodec Mpeg4 Asp: -1
  Streaming Video Size Limit: 0
  Streaming Mov: 
  Streaming Wmv: none
  Streaming Acodec Aac: none
  Streaming Vcodec H263 0: -1
  Streaming Real Media: none
  Streaming 3g2: 
  Streaming 3gpp: 
  Streaming Acodec Amr: none
  Streaming Vcodec H264 Bp: -1
  Streaming Vcodec H263 3: -1
  Streaming Preferred Protocol: rtsp
  Streaming Vcodec Mpeg4 Sp: -1
  Streaming Flv: 
  Streaming Video: 
  Streaming Mp4: 
Wap Push Features:
  Expiration Date: 
  Utf8 Support: 
  Connectionless Cache Operation: 1
  Connectionless Service Load: 1
  Iso8859 Support: 
  Connectionoriented Confirmed Service Indication: 1
  Connectionless Service Indication: 1
  Ascii Support: 1
  Connectionoriented Confirmed Cache Operation: 1
  Connectionoriented Confirmed Service Load: 1
  Wap Push Support: 1
  Connectionoriented Unconfirmed Cache Operation: 1
  Connectionoriented Unconfirmed Service Load: 1
  Connectionoriented Unconfirmed Service Indication: 1
J2me Features:
  Doja 1 5: 
  J2me Datefield Broken: 
  J2me Clear Key Code: -8
  J2me Right Softkey Code: -7
  J2me Heap Size: 524288
  J2me Canvas Width: 0
  J2me Motorola Lwt: 
  Doja 3 5: 
  J2me Wbmp: 
  J2me Rmf: 
  J2me Wma: 
  J2me Left Softkey Code: -6
  J2me Jtwi: 
  J2me Jpg: 
  J2me Return Key Code: 0
  J2me Real8: 
  J2me Max Record Store Size: 0
  J2me Realmedia: 
  J2me Midp 1 0: 1
  J2me Bmp3: 
  J2me Midi: 1
  J2me Btapi: 
  J2me Locapi: 
  J2me Siemens Extension: 
  J2me H263: 
  J2me Audio Capture Enabled: 
  J2me Midp 2 0: 1
  J2me Datefield No Accepts Null Date: 
  J2me Aac: 
  J2me Capture Image Formats: none
  J2me Select Key Code: 0
  J2me Xmf: 
  J2me Photo Capture Enabled: 
  J2me Realaudio: 
  J2me Realvideo: 
  J2me Mp3: 
  J2me Png: 
  J2me Au: 
  J2me Screen Width: 240
  J2me Mp4: 
  J2me Mmapi 1 0: 1
  J2me Http: 
  J2me Imelody: 
  J2me Socket: 
  J2me 3dapi: 
  J2me Bits Per Pixel: 16
  J2me Mmapi 1 1: 
  J2me Udp: 
  J2me Wav: 
  J2me Middle Softkey Code: -5
  J2me Svgt: 
  J2me Gif: 
  J2me Siemens Color Game: 
  J2me Max Jar Size: 131072
  J2me Wmapi 1 0: 1
  J2me Nokia Ui: 1
  J2me Screen Height: 320
  J2me Wmapi 1 1: 
  J2me Wmapi 2 0: 
  Doja 1 0: 
  J2me Serial: 
  Doja 2 0: 
  J2me Bmp: 
  J2me Amr: 
  J2me Gif89a: 
  J2me Cldc 1 0: 1
  Doja 2 1: 
  Doja 3 0: 
  J2me Cldc 1 1: 
  Doja 2 2: 
  Doja 4 0: 
  J2me 3gpp: 1
  J2me Video Capture Enabled: 
  J2me Canvas Height: 0
  J2me Https: 
  J2me Mpeg4: 
  J2me Storage Size: 0
Mms Features:
  Mms 3gpp: 1
  Mms Wbxml: 1
  Mms Symbian Install: 
  Mms Png: 1
  Mms Max Size: 300000
  Mms Rmf: 1
  Mms Nokia Operatorlogo: 1
  Mms Max Width: 1616
  Mms Max Frame Rate: 0
  Mms Wml: 1
  Mms Evrc: 
  Mms Spmidi: 1
  Mms Gif Static: 1
  Mms Max Height: 1218
  Sender: 1
  Mms Video: 1
  Mms Vcard: 1
  Mms Nokia 3dscreensaver: 
  Mms Qcelp: 
  Mms Midi Polyphonic: 1
  Mms Wav: 
  Mms Jpeg Progressive: 
  Mms Jad: 1
  Mms Nokia Ringingtone: 1
  Built In Recorder: 
  Mms Midi Monophonic: 1
  Mms 3gpp2: 
  Mms Wmlc: 1
  Mms Nokia Wallpaper: 1
  Mms Bmp: 1
  Mms Vcalendar: 1
  Mms Jar: 1
  Mms Ota Bitmap: 
  Mms Mp3: 
  Mms Mmf: 
  Mms Amr: 1
  Mms Wbmp: 1
  Built In Camera: 
  Receiver: 1
  Mms Mp4: 
  Mms Xmf: 
  Mms Jpeg Baseline: 1
  Mms Midi Polyphonic Voices: 0
  Mms Gif Animated: 1
Sms Features:
  Text Imelody: 
  Nokiaring: 1
  Siemens Logo Height: 29
  Ems Variablesizedpictures: 
  Sckl Groupgraphic: 
  Siemens Ota: 
  Sagem V1: 
  Sagem V2: 
  Ems Version: 0
  Ems Odi: 
  Operatorlogo: 1
  Siemens Logo Width: 101
  Ems Imelody: 
  Sckl Vcard: 
  Siemens Screensaver Width: 101
  Sckl Operatorlogo: 
  Ems Upi: 
  Sms Enabled: 1
  Siemens Screensaver Height: 50
  Sckl Ringtone: 
  Picturemessage: 1
  Sckl Vcalendar: 
Sound Format Features:
  Awb: 1
  Wav: 1
  Nokia Ringtone: 1
  Aac: 1
  Digiplug: 1
  Sp Midi: 1
  Voices: 64
  Mp3: 1
  Amr: 1
  Midi Monophonic: 1
  Midi Polyphonic: 1
Flash Lite Features:
  Flash Lite Version: 
  Fl Wallpaper: 
  Fl Browser: 
  Fl Screensaver: 
  Fl Standalone: 
  Full Flash Support: 
  Fl Sub Lcd: 
Css Features:
  Css Gradient: none
  Css Border Image: none
  Css Rounded Corners: none
  Css Spriting: 
  Css Supports Width As Percentage: 1
Transcoding Features:
  Is Transcoder: 
  Transcoder Ua Header: user-agent
Rss Features:
  Rss Support: 
Pdf Features:
  Pdf Support: 
Playback Features:
  Playback Oma Size Limit: 0
  Playback Acodec Aac: lc
  Playback Vcodec H263 3: -1
  Playback Vcodec Mpeg4 Asp: -1
  Playback Mp4: 1
  Playback 3gpp: 1
  Playback Df Size Limit: 0
  Playback Acodec Amr: nb
  Playback Mov: 
  Playback Wmv: none
  Playback Acodec Qcelp: 1
  Progressive Download: 
  Playback Directdownload Size Limit: 0
  Playback Real Media: none
  Playback 3g2: 1
  Playback Vcodec Mpeg4 Sp: -1
  Playback Vcodec H263 0: 30
  Playback Inline Size Limit: 0
  Hinted Progressive Download: 
  Playback Vcodec H264 Bp: 1.2
Html Ui Features:
  Canvas Support: none
  Viewport Width: 
  Html Preferred Dtd: html4
  Viewport Supported: 
  Viewport Minimum Scale: 
  Viewport Initial Scale: 
  Viewport Maximum Scale: 
  Viewport Userscalable: 
  Image Inlining: